International student in LYIT awarded "International Student of the Year 2020" by Union of Students in Ireland (USI)

Photo illustrating the news item

Edward Ng from Malaysia received the national award: “International Student of The Year” by USI as he stood out as a role model for other students.

This award was given out by the Union of Students of Ireland Student Achievement Awards 2020. International students often face barriers to integration in Ireland, not least because they are far from the comforts of home and family, but play important and valued roles across activity on and off campus. Edward proved himself to have integrated into campus life and stands out as a role model for students, having demonstrated the ability to be an ambassador for student life in Ireland.

Edward is a well-known face on campus at LYIT and has been an inspiration to others. We are delighted to hear the news that Edward has received this prestigious national award which marks his contribution to International Student Life.

See Edward’s testimonial below:

“Absolutely humbled to be awarded the International Student of the Year • Union of Students in Ireland (USI)

Two requests from USI:
1. Favorite outfit – LMSS hoodie is definitely my outfit of the year. I believe people have seen me most frequently in this hoodie around the year.
2. Something to replace the trophy – What’s better than celebrating with Malaysian takeaway?

Three main conclusions from this journey:
1. Empty palms receive greater blessings.Think about “what can I give” before “what can I gain”.
2. Improvements are brought by mistakes, not achievements. Have both in mind, “what went well” and “what didn’t go well”; but focus on the latter.
3. Relationships are precious gifts. Pay more attention to the people rather than only the task. Each encounter is unique, cherish it.

Four goals achieved, as I promised Archbishop Julian Leow three years ago before I left home, and to myself.
1. Make yourself proud.
2. Make your family proud.
3. Make your country proud.
4. To inspire and to be inspired.

Life is like riding a bicycle, you must keep moving to keep your balance. Thank you all who constantly gave me a push, or even just once; giving me impetus to KEEP ON MOVING!
Sincerest appreciation to Letterkenny Institute of Technology for having me! This is to all lecturers, the international office, SU, sports centre, the EB, canteen crew, and all other staff members. Thanks for all the happy handshakes, warm and genuine smiles; all the “how are you“s and “are you okay“s.

Thanks Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) for sponsoring the award.
Congratulations to all other inspirational individuals/student organisations!! “

27 May 2020